According to the Vedas (holy scriptures) Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba suggests us to live the Sanatan Dharma, a religious way of life in a simple style. The Ashram in Haidakhan, Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, offers us an opportunity to practice this „life-style“. Babaji‘s Ashram in Haidakhan is dedicated to this way and includes some „rules“ of this very old Indian way of life. Please follow these points one by one and discover the real space of Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Please follow Babaji‘s suggestions and some of the important information on Your next visit here. Haidakhan office will give You further details.

Thank You for Your Love

Ashram life

Bhole Baba ki Jai !!!

According to Indian culture those wishing to spend time in the Ashram are asked to wear Indian clothing.

Ladies are asked to wear clothes that reveal neither the shoulders or the legs. Non-sexy clothes are a must in the Ashram from your time of arrival.

It is specially important for Ashram life that all Devotees and Visitors are correctly dressed for attending the Temples, Babaji‘s Kutir and the Shakti Dhuni, the sacred fireplace.

Suitable clothes can purchased on arrival in Delhi or from a selction in the Ashram shop.

Thank You for Your Love

In Haidakhan the day starts at 4 o‘ clock in the morning with a bath in the river. You can imagine that it is cold in the mountains at this time of day. You will need to take care to have suitable   clothing for the different seasons of the year:

Monsoon time:

This is the Indian rainy season; with much rain and heavy drops, but it is not cold as in the west. India is green and luxuriant, in one of the most beautiful conditions this country has to offer us. The Ashram is very empty and You can really concentrate on Your Sadhana.

The Monsoon is normally starting on the 15. June and is ending during september, followed by ,the indian summer‘

Autumn time:

In the autumn the weather here  is quite comfortable but the cold mornings and evenings begin to start in october. The daytime remains beautifully sunny with a few remaining showers.

The short autumn starts approxiatemely in september and finishes about the beginning of november.

Winter time:

Winter is the cold time also in Haidakhan. The mornings are much colder, also the  evenings; only in the sun is it warm. You can heat up in the sun of midday and You will need to wear warm clothes. It becomes cold in the daytime if there is unexpected rain and of course no sun ...

The winter time is from november and going up to end of february.

Spring time:

The spring time in Haidakhan is the most wonderful time here. The weather is pleasant, the mornings and evenings are becoming a little warmer. Nature starts a new season and the flowers are beginning to bloom ready to be offered as Puja to The Divine.

The spring time is in march and beginning of april.

Summer time:

Summer in India means hot and hot and very hot, so wear the thinnest clothes you can and be prepared to discover Your body in a situation of high stress! Summer is about survival; sometimes it is so hot that You can not even think anymore, but this is a very special state to be in ...

Summer time is from april to june.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !!! is sent day by day from India and from Haidakhan with an internet system which reminds me of the times when we were surfing with a telephone modem. This was until today.

In around one month Haidakhan is under 3G speed with a new tower builded here soon ...

Because I work every day with the internet I  suggest You do not try to work with this medium here. Babaji‘s Ashram is focused on Your inner spirit and web-work to the outside can break you in two pieces.

Stay offline for your short time here and get omline

The Haidakhan Ashram, Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, is located in the Himalayan jungles of northern India. The water supply comes from the mountains and though Sri Babaji brought the electricity to this valley  we are sometimes without power. Our very simple lifestyle is according to Sri Babaji‘s Teachings of Truth, Love and Simplicity.

The rooms are very simple, mostly not with attached bathrooms and also dormitories are here to hospitalize the masses who are coming during the holy festival ,Navratri‘, the festival to The Divine Mother in spring time, when 500 - 1008 people are here.

Reservation is not needed. There will always place for You. The price for one night in the Ashram is 300INR all incl.

According to Your private needs public telephone is available in the Ashram for quite cheap costs.

Mobile or cellphones are difficult to handle here in the jungle of Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, there are only few places where you can connect.

But also here I suggest You to stop Your mobile to be concentrated on Your tapassya and Your inside meeting with Sri Babaji. It is our lifestyle to be everywhere connected and this continues also stress and here were times when You had to go to Delhi for a phonetalk. I enjoyed very much the times when here was no connection to the west possible ...

But You can use mobile phones here and the best company for Haidakhan connection is IDEA, which is also working in Chilianaula Ashram. With the new tower the best onnection will be BSNL.


because this is a special „rate“ and you have to pay for every phonecall „extra“ if you are not in Delhi. You can do this in Haldwani or otherwhere in U.P.



Please accept and follow „The Haidakhan System“ with all the rules Sri Haidakhan Babaji has given to us to push us up to a higher level of being.

If you can not accept these points than better You visit another place where another system is installed and lived, but please don‘t break the several points Babaji wants to be practised here.

It is the original system of Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba which we are living here and not made from „humans“. This system is made by God for us.

Thank You for Your Love