Haidakhandi Sadhana


Waking up at 4:00 in the morning and taking bath aligns us with the rythm of the nature. It helps us to overcome laziness and unconsciousness and inertia on the physical level and it prepares us for the morning meditation and worship.

Taking bath in the morning is the first basic purification of the day. The discipline of cleanliness is our first requirement on the spiritual path and it starts with the physical body.

In haidakhan we have the opportunity to bathe in the Gautama Ganga which is a very holy river, sacred by Lord Shiva.

The Gautama Ganga water represents transparence and purity and cleanses us also on the physical level. Shree Babaji said that whoever takes bath in The Gautama Ganga will attain liberation.

The Meaning

of our Sadhana

Ashram Daily Schedule

4.00                  waking up, morning bath

5.00                  meditation time (chandan&fire ceremony)

6.00 (7.00)      aarti and kirtan (worship)

8.00                  meeting and satsang, breakfast

9.00 - 12.00    karma yoga (projects work in the ashram

12.00 - 12.30   prasad (lunch)

13.00 - 15.30   rest, afternoon bath

15.30 - 17.30   karma yoga

18.00                 meditation (dhuni darshan)

19.00                 aarti and kirtan

20.30                 prasad (dinner)

21.30                 silence, rest


The best times for meditation and worship are the quiet hours of sunrise and sunset.

As a basic meditation technique, Shree Babaji instructed us to do japa, which means repeating a mantra, a name of God. The mantra He gave us is Om Namah Shivay, which means „I bow to Lord Shiva“.

A mantra given by Babaji is empowered with Hs living spirit. By concentrating on the name of The Lord, our mind becomes purified from all negative and useless thoughts, finding peace and Divine Consciousness and energy within.


Chandan makes the presence of Divine energy and light on our forehead. The yellow sandalwood paste is applied to cool our mind,  the red kumkum is put on our third eye and rice symbolizes the purity of the soul.

Aarti and Kirtan

The Aarti is the heart of the spiritual praxctice of the ashram, because it is a medium of worshipping Shree Babaji and keeping His Presence alive in the community.

Attending the Aarti together harmonizes us in a common purpose. Devotional singing (Kirtan) develops love for The Divine, opening our heart chakra. Aarti and Kirtan are the essence of Bhakti Yoga, the way of devotion, as shown by Babaji.

Meeting and Satsang

Satsang literally means, meeting for The Truth. It is a chance to hear the written words of Shree Babaji and recieve daily inspiration from it.

During the daily meeting we organize our work and there is also space for sharing,  as a support for each other in growing and working together.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the path of „meditation in action“ and Shree Babaji‘s main teaching and way of healing for our age.

Karma Yoga os offering all our work to God by constantly repeating His name in all that we do. It is work as service.

Karma Yoga is love in action and as Shree Babaji said, serving humanity is serving God. Working together for a common purpose creates unity, love and peace in the community. When we can overcome laziness and resistance, creative energy will start to move through us, using us as instruments of The Divine.

Silence and Rest

We complete the day in silence after evening Aarti and dinner.

Silence is a great teacher and true spiritual strength develops in the silence of sadhana. To keep silence in the evening, besides not disturbing others, allows us to integrate the experience of the day.

Shree Babaji Spiritual Training

The Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Religion ) is an ancient tradition in the New Age.

Human pain and suffering are created only by our own ignorance and separation from the Eternal Law. For the purpose of reuniting again with The Divine, spiritual seekers practice discipline and purification by living a spiritual life, which we call Sadhana. Shree Babaji‘s discipline gives us freedom, the true freedom of the spirit.

During the training and the process of transformation, any problem or negativity we experience, or any resistance we have to confront, is a teahcing for us and has the potential of healing and purification in it. Our devotion to God, our commitment to our Sadhana, our faith in Babaji and the way He has shown us, will pull us through the illusions which prevent us from realizing the Truth. What is required from us is our surrendering to the process.

By turning into the Haidiakhandi Spirit and energy, we are able to recieve the blesings of Shree Babaji. The Haidakhandi Sadhana is using both spirit and nature for our transformation. The various purifying methods which we practice here, onvolve all the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and other as vehicles for the Divine Energy to heal and uplift us towards our own Divinity.

By mastering the elements, we gain the spiritual power to master our own nature, as we are also made up of these five elements.

When our nature is obedient to our spirit,  we become again one with The Divine and able to serve the world as instruments of God.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !!!